The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Someone order a full psychotic break from reality?
  2. chris
    Apparently - with a side order of fries!
  3. wessick
    Daniel has it rough here. I can honestly say that I have been in a situation in which my darker thoughts sounded like just the right idea. My hope for him, is that he still has a little bit of better nature within him still holding on.
  4. Raron
    The fact that his darker side is still talking, is trying to talk him into it... means to me there is a part of him that is being talked to. That is saying "NOPE NOPE NOPE".... I think that part is about to get a little power boost... Regardless can not WAIT to see what happens next. My only regret about the comic is having to wait for the next page.... granted I would feel that way if it updated five times a day... Also just noticed the little details, the shadows of the hanging men, and Danny boy himself.
  5. chris
    I think we've all been there Wessick. There's always that little part of us struggling to get control knowing the consequences of our actions. Hopefully there will be something that pulls him back enough to have an alternative view on the situation.
  6. chris
    Ahh well spotted Raron! Dan isn't going back and forth with Scaper as usual, perhaps lulling him into a false sense of security, just as Scaper has done to Dan in the past. Definitely a chance for a well needed power boost. - Scaper doesn't have full reign at the moment so there's still hope. Ahh well spotted again - the hanging man is always thrown in Dan's face especially when Scaper want's Dan to remember he's already crossed the line with Dean - so the additional push is only the next logical step in his evolution. As you can see Dan's shadow self split once again, showing the duality of his internal conflict. Scaper believes this is the final test to establish the monster he's been trying to create since his inception in Issue 2. Perhaps Danny will learn from the past - and a familiar point of view might just creep in from the dark.