The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Quonos
    There is so much metal happening here that I cannot register it on anything more than an emotional level. I require Ramstein to now achieve the appropriate mood for this. Thank you for this page.
  2. Raron
    Well isn't that the classiest welcome from the Demonscaper ever. Seriously he seems like some deranged doorman welcoming people to burn in his little hotel of flames. I love this page. Honestly one of my favs. The colors, the darks, and the giant DOOOOOM in the middle.
  3. FireFrenzy
    No i believe you mean either I AM MICHEAL BAY or the more direct and then go I AM EXPLOSIONS
  4. chris
    Quonos: *The Mighty Wessick
    Much metal indeed! That's awesome that an emotional level has been achieved! I too had many emotions whilst drawing this page. More so making sound effects and having mock internal dialog with what is going on in Danny's head. It seems like Scaper is beginning to believe his own press. This is not a good thing for anyone within range. Agreed, Ramstein is the perfect score for such a page! Thank you for sticking with us all these years! Hopefully we can continue to provide you with a little visceral escape and entertainment for years to come - mental stability pending ;)

    You know we pride ourselves on class, and proper introductions into flames. I love the metaphor you set up of Scaper as a doorman. I can just see him with one of those little hats and welcoming grin. Hotel of Flames sounds like a song that needs to be written. Love it! Also one of my favs - and there's been a few in this 4 issue series we've provided, but this is definitely one. Thanks man for all things! 

    Hahha! Come on now! We definitely haven't reach the status of MB explosions in this particular book. I believe we're only at 2 at this stage, hardly MB level walk aways. Still there is more to tell - so who knows what will be on fire by the time this thing is done. "I AM EXPLOSIONS!" You know I could totally see Scaper saying that will a little joy in his heart. Still need to pay you for that somein' somein' *oh that sounded wrong. I mean the awesome Scaper figure. That needs to be sitting on my desk with the others. I'll be in touch.
  5. Quonos
    Chris, I have to admit that I appreciate your commitment to continuing to bring us such wonders. I have seen so many other great artists fade into endless hiatus. If I could honestly afford on a teachers salary to donate a small fortune to you, I would do so.
  6. chris
    Thanks Quonos! I appreciate the gesture more than you can imagine. I guess in the end you need to care about story to continue. I do understand why others have faded into the void, having been involved in the ups and downs of the indie web comic world. I've learned 1.Time is only a factor that is always against the web comic venture. Although, I've realized something pretty profound in my internal struggles with the creation of the weekly page. If I just continue the story that's all that matters. Sure this issue started 4 years ago ... oh jeez! But that's not the important thing. The important thing is to continue the story - in the end the book will be there ... the story will be there and whether or not the page was out this week or that week or if there's a break for whatever reason life has thrown at me. The book will always be there, as long as I and the readers still care about the story. Which I do. Very much. So as long as there is a terminal for me to sit and draw and an inter-web to post to, I will continue. As for the offer. Please know, just continuing to support the LS and your contributions in the boards are payment enough. We don't do it for money - we do it for the story. But thank you! With fire!