The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    Oh dear ... what's wrong with your face!
  2. quonos
    Truly, a face that a mother could love. Really getting a phantom of the opera vibe from this guy, like he has a tortured past, but we just won't learn enough about it until the ashes clear and the dust settles. Sad, but thus is the fire of retribution that is Scaper.
  3. chris
    Hopefully, the poor little guy just looks like he needs a hug ;) Yeah definitely the vibe he's putting off. Absolutely a tortured soul. Even though we don't know what happened, we do know - that he was saved from the fire by LK, so there is an insane amount of loyalty - not only for LK but for the Harbinger family. That's why when you look at from Lucas's *phantom* point of view - Dan is the invading force coming to his house, and disturbing his way of life. Once again only a snapshot of a man's life. I believe the experience in the fire became a life changing event for him. Almost like going through some form of trials and surviving. Very similar to Tyler with Dean - facing the fear and coming out the other side changed. I also believe he wants this new threat to know that pain - to understanding the reality of this world. Of course he doesn't realize who he's dealing with. Only a snapshot of a man's life. Although technically, Dan hasn't gone through the same kinds of trials - but he's getting closer to the truth. The removal of masks is catalyst to it all. Very true - hell hath no fury like Scaper retribution!
  4. Raron
    No... See.. that is a face only a chainsaw could love... or perhaps a nailgun. Though I would be like "Dood... you need a suit, and a double headed coin to flip. Be much cooler then being the Biker phantom of the opera."
  5. chris
    Hahah I couldn't agree more! I think a nice suit would ... um suit this guy perfectly. Although, you do get a pretty cool jacket and half *phantom* mask if you join the Harbingers - so there's that ;)