The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    I know i said i WASNT going to do Immortun Joe jokes but this is getting to the point where WE ARE GOING TO VALHALLA SHINEY AND CHROME!!! WITNESS!!!!
  2. chris
    Hey man if the joke is there it must be taken ;) It seems we're heading that way indeed! This feels like Pumpkin Jack and Dean all over again. Looks like Dan might need to go through a similar ritual to become what he needs to be. It's not always going to be easy Danny Boy! VALHALLA AWAITS!
  3. Raron
    Ohhhh Danny boy, his face, his face was burning. Looking eye to eye you can see the blood is in his spit, and as you imagine his voice eternal screaming you know you will send him to the burning pit
  4. chris
    Hey Hey! Welcome back! How very poetic of you good Sir! You know our Scaper all too well ;) Also very fitting for the up coming pages ... very fitting!