The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Ruxton
    Welcome back sir, NOW YOU'RE TALKING indeed!
  2. chris
    Great to be back in the LS world. It's been too long ;)
  3. Vice Versa
    Gosh I want that sign in a printable version so bad right now. And welcome back! Seeing LS update always makes my day a little better.
  4. chris
    Hey Vice Versa! It's good to be back! So great to hear that seeing a Scaper page makes your day! I'm sure we could sort you out with a printable version of the "HELLS GATES" Harbingers sign. Can we send to the email you used to post this comment? Keep an eye out for a printable PDF coming your way ;) From your friendly neighborhood Landscaper - and thank you for your support!
  5. FireFrenzy
    It's been a while hasnt it? Also i might need a printable version of that sign:)
  6. FireFrenzy
    The being burned alive thing not the name of the place obviously
  7. chris
    Hey Frenz! Yes too long. I'm sure we can make that happen for you. Keep your eyes on your email for such things.
  8. chris
    Ok guys check your emails! You should have your printable versions of the Hells Gate signs. Use it well!