The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Obligatory calling of FIRST! Connecting panel of comiccry is connecting:)
  2. Steve Dillon
    Oh my... how very chilling. "The true Landscaper is almost complete. Only one test remains. Then it can begin." A phrase filled with ominous suggestions. I love it.
  3. chris
    Even if it's obligatory, it's still your place to call it Frenzy my good man! Now and for forever!
  4. chris
    Chilling indeed Steveo! And we've seen what he's capable of on a good day. We can only imagine what plans he has for Danny. Oh dear... I just got a chills as well.
  5. wessick
    It's too bad that I think old Danny has forgotten the back-story of his murder victim. Everyone has a history... I don't imagine anyone in this world came out of the womb spitting hell fire. Okay... maybe old Pumpkin J... but that is just in the rewritten back-story for him I have in my mind... heh. Gotta take the reigns yourself eventually Danny.. "The devil made me do it" is not a legal defense.
  6. chris
    Never more true words spoken Wessick! I think Danny is finding a hard time seeing the blurred lines through the haze of rage. If there's even a line to be seen anymore. Scaper made a good point back in the house. Remember. "This world isn't going to change. You have a choice to cower like a sheep or rip their throats out like a wolf." Be it a bit exaggerated, but there was some truth in that. Danny didn't come Kendelwood seeking a continuation of the work, but yet it seems to follow him. Groups like the Harbingers, Caleb and Dean are always going to exist. (Well maybe not Dean) Dean made this clear as well. The fact that they are like Hydras. I think Scaper in his own twisted philosophy hit a nerve there. As well as ripping off Danny face, he might have found a way in. Maybe there is no way to balance this. No way to continue the work and continue a shred of sanity. Scaper feels he has the upper hand knowing that Dan is not fighting the work, but after all - this is a bit personal this time. Not so much for city and state, but for family. Albeit, a family estranged from him - but still family. Perhaps, this time around Sean as has sparked something in Dan he was missing. A purpose - a reason. That alone could work against Scaper in the end. A wise man once said. "Once you take control - take ownership. Only then can you become a true Landscaper." "It's the initiation to take action and not the end result that is the true success." Unfortunately, he has the wrong guru in his ear at the moment. Time will tell the tale. There's still one test remaining....apparently :|
  7. Grovers
    And then its wrabbit season... Might be metaphor to hunting Harbringers, might still be hoping there's actual wrabbits. I have faith.
  8. chris
    Haha! You've just given me the best idea ever!