The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Beepboop
    Oh damn, struggle in the gangs. Maybe the Landscaper won't need to do anything....but I still hope he does.
  2. FireFrenzy
    yay MOAR MURDERINGZ! Sounds like Q-Div is coming closer to being required again:)
  3. chris
    It does seem like it Beepboop. Cracks are showing in the loyalty of certain high level members. Of course we don't know how long this has been going on, but something has been put into action. Interesting to how loyalty started strong on one end and now has been tested. Where as the opposite swing effect with Dan and Sean. Their test brought out more loyalty through their adversity Interesting to see where this goes from here. Also - if what I think might happens happens - this could be very bad for Dan. As it seems Artu also likes to play in the Scaper sandbox of message sending. Luckily Sean got out when he could. Maybe there won't be time for recon after all.
  4. chris
    YAY indeed Frenzy! Q Div always on call. Still have advice for the first item in play. It's getting close to that time.