The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Wessick
    This family is hard man... Brother comes in half dead, nearly blacks out again just from you pouring some coffee... and it is just another day in paradise. Love this family... love it a lot.
  2. chris
    The great thing about family is; they know you better than anyone. To Sean, this kind of behavior may not be so uncommon from his little brother. Of course - Sean hasn't really gotten into the conversation enough to know fully what condition our boy Danny is in - or more important....what he's done. Also, keep in mind. Sean and Dan probably already had the shock and awe interaction when he came to Sean's door at 2am. To be honest, at this stage - Dan's luckily to be getting coffee let alone an eviction. Barring the chain impression around his neck - this could have been the result of a pretty bad roll of the bike. However, I suspect our writer is a little more intuitive to dismiss other options - or - the opportunity to give his little brother a dig when it's warranted.
  3. Cam
    Can't help but think Dan already holds some sort of unsubstantiated resentment towards his brother. Not due to the condescending attitude, but he probably had the whole "Why can't you be more like you brutha!?!" from his Mom his whole life. See what living in someone's shadow your whole life can do to a man!?
  4. chris
    Very well stated Cam! Others not knowing their history - You have to wonder keeping that last statement in mind, it must have been very difficult for Dan to come out to Kendelwood to start with. Especially in his current condition. As much as it seems that Sean doesn't really want Dan around - I'm sure it's just as obvious that Danny doesn't really want to be there either. However, based on past Karillion events...his options were quite limited. It seems the net is tightening... along with the noose. One little piece of advice to Sean; don't bate the Lion.
  5. FireFrenzy
    gotta love some character building... Even if it does cut into our regularly scheduled explosions and fire;)
  6. chris
    I know man! Curse this pesky story for getting in the way of the important stuff! In time my good time...
  7. Wessick
    Cam, That is some profound stuff man. Never really thought of it that way really. Sean has a family, he has a successful writing job... and Dan... well... he is the damn Landscaper. Really... who is living the life here? Ok, my fan nature overcame good sense there... but I think before the whole incident in the start of all of this, Dan was doing pretty well. He is just making due.
  8. chris
    This could have all been avoided by staying home on the first night after the Cage attack. Let the KPD do their job. Then again, nothing would have changed. Everything remains the same if no action is taken. Of course, change isn't always easy....or clean. But like Kira said at the end of Reflections - "Doesn't matter what anyone says, It's already begun." That's a great point Wessick; Before that night, Dan was doing well. He was getting himself together. Sure, he didn't have the wife and 1.5 kids with the white picket fence - but he was doing well. Maybe his actions that night were more for the preservation of this simple, normal life - or more vengeance to those who would dare to take if from him - or others for that matter - That includes you Mr. Sean Carpenter!
  9. Damastech
    I love how personal the characters are, not simply contrived scripting by myopic mastermind (not once have I heard "edward's perfect hair") with a complex to explain that contradiction... I love this comic, it reeks of realism(despite some of the gadgetry, it's not attributed to "how was that done? hmmm?" "well he has been around all these things for so long and that knock on the head unlocked some ideas... erm... and so he put it all together... um... SUPER POWERS!") and how the violence isn't constantly broken by dialog, the way things flow... unlike this fan-boyish rant.
  10. chris
    Thanks man - that's a great compliment to the comic. If you don't relate to the characters or identify with them him some way... you don't care. If you don't care - what's the point? I'm pretty sure Dan wouldn't care if his head was shaved by losing a bet or set on fire. Not sure vanity is a Dan quality. If it was - he would have worked a little harder developing a better form of face protection for his vigilante ways. Oh yeah, DUST MASK - really great face protection there Dan...nice work. Should have just gone out with a sock. It worked fine for Marco. Oh wait...
  11. Sam15
    For all the time he has been sleeping, I'd swap my haircut for his bitchin' do any day.
  12. chris
    Haha I would too Sammy - I would too ;)