The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    Should have used a moisturizing cleanser.
  2. FireFrenzy
    A cheekbone, occasionally breaks... What you want to do is punch DOWN when you hit there... That has a better then average chance of separating the skin/muscles in a big slab... Is it odd that i have recently bought a fairly big tanto cut pocket knife? Especially with me being IN q-div and all?
  3. chris
    Ouch! Well sometimes it's good to learn the proper way to do things. It's probably not so much a broken cheekbone - of course we shouldn't rule that out - what with all the times he's been hit in the face with something. it's more the remaining impression of a past persona lodged under his eye. That can't be normal. Can it? He should probably get that checked just to be sure.
  4. FireFrenzy
    I by the way take it the design team has seen iron man 3? It would be a waste for such a good landscapering scene to go to waste simply because the mad mice are busy inventing something that has already been shown to work by Hollywood... I mean our version would WORK but when we get creative we have this annoying tenancy to level buildings and such
  5. Raron
    I am back... life is long let me just say that. That is the best explaination I can give for my second big absense. Caught back up and gotta say.... seems like ol LS has found the party people have been throwing without him finally. Now we can start working on the Party favors.
  6. chris
    We did indeed Frenz. I remember thinking this was closest I'd see to a live action LS until we do a live action LS. It was an awesome moment. I like the things Tony came up with, however I feel we'd do something a little more than a one off use. Still pretty creative. I would love see what the Q-D could come up with in the way of leveling buildings. More for my own amusement and of course for use in the comic when the situation called for now.
  7. chris
    Welcome back Good sir Raron. We have missed you on the boards. Great to see you've caught up on all our events thus far. Understood about the "life" in general. It is a crazy thing indeed. The important thing is you're back in the wonderful world of the LS. Like we've always said, we'll be here when you're ready to catch up. The true beauty of the online comic consumption market. LS has definitely arrived to said party. It's not a party without'em. Favors you say? Always a scary thing to suggest - of course this is that kind of party. That is until someone loses an eye. Who the hell came up with that saying? I wonder if someone really lost an eye at this particular fun and games event. Makes me wonder more about that party in general. We should come up with sayings that become viral. I know if we put our collective heads together we can come up with sayings that will change the world - or make us slightly chuckle. Either or. Great to have you back - Enjoy your stay. Use a coaster. Watch out for your eyes. Keep calm and SCAPER'ON!
  8. Greenknight
    He hadn't noticed the shard of lens from his glasses yet? Given how badly he was cut and gouged up I can understand that, especially if it was driven deep enough and just now working its way out.
  9. chris
    Ahhh very well spotted Greenknight! Some things that are left dormant beneath the surface have a way of working their way out - and especially with Danny, we all know what that means ;)