The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Wessick
    Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal. Looks like someone is about to have an "accident"
  2. chris
    Perhaps Jimmy's message to Dan does have some merit. Just to act starts the ripple. Doesn't always have to come in guns blazing - however, that's fun too. I thought this group was about loyalty and honor. Damn you Danny - you're messing with program here.
  3. Grovers
    "DOOM!" Onomatopoeia and foreshadowing,efficiency with size and spacing control is a must to all landscapers. now if that are those bolts clicking every rotation or are the harbingers cutting back funds on their arthritis medication. putting long words behind for my favorite game of thrones sentence "YEAH BETRAY THE F*CK OUTA HIM"
  4. chris
    Haha! There should be an Onomatopoeia hand book for this comic. Doom! seems to be used for the most part as either foreshadowing, being super pissed off, and the occasional closing of a door in dramatic fashion. It's probably not so much old man hands, but more my inability to loosen bolts without having to reset the damn socket multiple times - esp small little lawn mower bolts and screws. Besides whoever this they've probably have just been hit in the face and or chest with sharp and or heavy objects. Or - they're inebriated because of having just recently been ass whooped. Your last statement is epic! For God sake, dose a smashed hand by way of talon mean nothing anymore in the Harbinger community. Somehow I feel this will backfire in someway. Why, you ask? cause this is Landscaper I respond. If this were games of thrones playing out in the Harbingers nest. He would have just walked up to him and slit his throat and would have sat down in the fuckin' chair...
  5. FireFrenzy
    gotta love the preaction montage:) to the q-div cave! VROOOOOOM is such a superior sound to the roar a harley makes (god i hate loudpipes)
  6. chris
    Haha so true Frenz. See kids, this is why you don't engrave your abbreviations into your bikes. For this very reason. It's better to stay ambiguous in all things. VROOM VROOM indeed. Or DOOM! or BOOM. Either one is appropriate.
  7. Beepboop
    This is so much better than stories I've seen nowadays, You guys deserve a lot more credit and appreciation. I have to tell all of my friends about The Landscaper Comic. Seriously, I hope great success upon you guys and your efforts.
  8. chris
    Oh man, thanks heaps Beepboop! We really appreciate the great feedback. That's fantastic to hear you're enjoying the story, and feel it has a little more appeal to the norm. Just the fact you want to tell all your friends, and are happy to spread the word of the Scaper is all the appreciation we need on our end. We just want to keep developing a comic that we're proud of, and hope to do it for some time. We look forward to seeing you on the boards again. Thanks for the support.
  9. Djak
    Wow man... I just finished catching up to the last update after reading it all in a row, and it is just so... awesomely breathcatching ! I didnt read a webcomic that was THIS intense in a lot of time, and I'm not even talking about the awesome art ! Seriously thanks for your work, I really enjoyed the read, and I feel I'm gonna visit this site very often :p PS : Sorry if I fucked up the grammar or something up there (I have the feeling i did, but english is not my native language and I'm lazy).
  10. chris
    Hey Djak! That's awesome to hear you enjoyed your read of the Landscaper! I can honestly say that "breathcatching" is the best complement we've received in one word, so thanks for that. Also, fantastic to hear the book was an intense experience for you. Please continue to visit as often as you'd like, and please continue to comment on your experience in the LS world. No worries about grammar here - you expressed yourself perfectly! We hope to hear from you again as we continue this journey into the mind of madness. Thanks again for you support of the the scaper!
  11. OmegaScales
    I found this comic last night, and I have something to say. There are only three occasions where the word "epic" should be applied. When referring to: Oceans, lengthy narratives, and the Cosmos. But fuck that. This comic is epic.
  12. chris
    Wow Thanks OmegaScales! That's awesome to hear we've been nominated along with Oceans, Lengthy Long Narratives and the Cosmos in the category of EPIC. We'll take it. Personally I think Oceans should take home the gold statue, but stoked to just be nominated. Also great to hear you're enjoying the Scaper comic. We shall do our best to hold up our end in such a category in the future. Hope to see more of you on the comment boards.