The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Karen
    Oh sweet Jesus, stuff's about to get metal up in here. @_@ Seriously, I can imagine some sort of screamo/black/German metal song flaring up here.
  2. =dam0=
    crazy man, just crazy... things are gonna get a wee bit messy I's rekon
  3. chris
    Haha! that's so well put Karen. Screamo/black/German/metal/rusty/meat/ was probably what I was listening to whist creating such things. I would say for Scaper cameo appearance it would need to have some intro music to suit the mood. Also the bunny seems happy :)
  4. chris
    Why thank you Damo! Crazy is usually what I'm going for. Messy you say....well you know how Scaper likes to leave a place like he found it - just ask the Karillion playground. I'm sure the next group to get a pick-up game started in that joint might ask "What the hell happened here" and where's the body.....oh right...there it is!
  5. Grovers
    you know, i really believed in Roy's comment a page back. Dan's quick reflexes, catch the bottle, throw it back... i guess just chilling on the couch letting the Molotov of nice whiskys have its fun is just as bad ass, plus it's not his house. god that smile on Dan's shadow/smoke/demon, that smile, that smile is a smile of a shadow/smoke/demon who has s'mores.
  6. chris
    Haha! Thanks Grovers! Now I can't get out of my head that the Scaper's true expression is saying Yay S'mores!!! Instead of Yay! destruction and potential massacre. All I see now is Scaper yelling Yeah S'mores!! In in KoolAid voice after smashing through the wall. Curse you altered way of seeing a scene. It's ruined forever!