The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    Early page!
  2. Ruxton
    Early page? Surly mage! Where on earth is Brian Cage?
  3. wessick
    Brian Cage! Center stage, reading a book called "Fists of Rage",
  4. chris
    Brian Cage? He's hard to gauge - cooking a meal with thyme and sage.
  5. chris
    Break the streak! There, the pressure's off!
  6. Wessick
    Surprised we went with that for a few... Looks like there may be some incidents incoming. Have to wonder how they are going to implement punishment, without wrecking his hands. That seems to be their thing.
  7. chris
    Indeed...the question being: will the one administering the punishment obey the higher orders? Or - will such things be allowed to take place, what with the little brother returning with gifts.