The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Isnt an initiation ritual that requires reconstructive surgery somewhat less then ideal, i mean the doctors are going to start asking questions when the 3rd biker with a crushed left hand comes in who is otherwise perfectly fine... Not to mention that medical insurance probably doesnt agree with this sorta thing:)
  2. chris
    Haha so true FF! However I really don't think they care. I'm sure over the years they've had their share of injuries and how they've managed to deal with said injuries on the medical side is still anyone's guess. As for insurance claims; I'm sure they have their own policies suited for such an occasion. Agreed, not ideal. However, this group functions very differently to our little Untouchables in Karillion. Loyalty - can sometimes be a dangerous thing and it appears the loyalty of these birds aren't questioned. Sure it would take time to heal, this would put one of the Harbingers out for a good amount of time from the pack - but in the end, respect seems to be the order of the day. Once again the jux position of a grounded philosophy verses Dan's wavering moral code and place of purpose. Based on their next course of action - I think Dan better get his head straight either way. The day of chasing kids off the lawn is over - time to step up to the big leagues. If you can make the try-outs that is.
  3. 1337FEET
    "we've never had a problem with carpenter" Ha! Foreshadowing! I get it! also i suppose i better introduce myself, seems like a tight nit community here. I'm 1337FEET, started reading the series since last supernova, (suppose it was a good idea then eh?) never thought to comment till now; suppose I'll be doing it a lot more in the future. :)
  4. chris
    Welcome 1337FEET! That's awesome to hear you came to us via SupaNova, we had an awesome time at that con, and felt it was so great to be around our kind of people. Thanks for taking the time to check us out from either the promo we threw at you - or the spinning Scaper - or if you just over heard us yelling "Free Online Comic" whist throwing a business card, ninja style in your general direction. Whatever it is that brought you here...we say welcome. Haha - great to see you're starting to get our little hidden meanings with words. Also doesn't look too good for a writer/brother with Artu coming out to brainstorm on the new book. Possibly, Sean's quick exit from the coffee conversation might have something to do with knowing what's coming. Little did he know, that the man who could be of some assistance was being talked down to whist trying to enjoy his morning beverage. Yeah please keep commenting on these pages, as you can see I reply to all comments - and we tend to get some interesting back and forth conversations going in the process. Also pop into ScaperChat for a realtime discussion on pretty much anything. Great to have you reading! Hopefully we'll be seeing more of you in the future. That is, aslong as you have your rent paid on time ;)
  5. 1337FEET
    Yeah it was definetly the "Free online comic!" i remember coming up and clarifying it was free before taking every business card, flyer and pamphlet on the table! thanks for replying, hope to discuss some stuff in the future :)
  6. chris
    Excellent! It's great to see in this day and age, the art of shouting FREE is still the best form of marketing. Indeed, many discussions to be had!
  7. Sam152
    I can unfortunately see where this might be going..
  8. chris
    me too -
  9. damastech
    kinda reminds me of my goddad, down to the mullet... used to be a regulator, sides other things, but he was the kind of man that only whipped us once for our mother, and then said "if that isn't enough, do it your damn self, woman". \