The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Wessick
    Truly do hope that old Ronnie does not need that hand for work...
  2. Karen
    I really don't like people who honestly act so condescending for their "services". If you're going to be an ass, be an ass in the wind, baby! Don't hide it behind a cheap mask! And I can predict where this is going: Dan's going to find out about it, but the town's too meek and nice to do anything to the biker gang, and it will be Dan's dilemma to rise up as the Landscaper again (and probably get is family in trouble), taking a risk of mentally shattering permanently, or to stand down and let his conscious torture him.
  3. chris
    Wessick: Yeah, I don't think LK really cares about how he gets the rent. I guess it was nice of him to at least give Ronnie a choice of which hand to place on the iron. Granted, not the nicest choice to have to make - but Ronnie could have taken into considerations which hand was most productive in day to day activities. I guess using this incentive will definitely make sure you pay rent on time next time. Thus the another price for living in a crime free existence. Ahh Ronnie, you should have paid - or got out before they realized you didn't pay. Maybe next time.
  4. chris
    Karen: Ahh yes. The services they provide do seem to come at a cost.. Man I could do several issue alone on the exploits of the Harbingers. They've lived a hardcore very interesting life. It was in this they decided a perfect way to live off their reputation they've all bled for in achieving. Find a nice little town and do what they do best. Remove all crime elements through means of their normal past time enjoyment. Convert a town into a crime free wonderland. Then approach the good people and propose a new arrangement. The first stage was free ...the next one will cost you. Makes you think - by way of their unique crime and punishment resolution, This could be a viable way to achieve the ultimate goal of expelling crime from an area. After all - who is really going to test the system knowing that this is the result for not paying your rent. Can't imagine what the penalty would be for messing up their structure. It sounds like LK (Lars Keplin) AKA the Judge, has had enough of the normal day to day biker life and has set up this nice little retirement for the rest of the birds. Not sure they all agree with his new found philosophy - but that's getting ahead of our selves. Of course the police don't know about their little business. They only noticed after the Harbingers made their appearance - crime in Kendelwood dropped to 0%. So to them, they probably think of the Harbingers as some kind of Avenging Angles fallen from the sky to set the world right. Of course if it's too good to be true - it probably is....and is. In a weird way, they're also kind of vigilantes - like the LS. They've just found a nice way to capitalize on the venture...and somehow fit the roles of the bad guys at the same time. Interesting Hybrid. Once again, it's that grey area of what's the right way to approach this. The morals and ethics of ruining a good (on the surface thing) I'm sure Dan will figure it out. YAY. I do love when you make predictions. It was so great to read your predictions of issue 3 and to see which came to light and which threw you all for a loop. I wonder if we can still surprise you with this one. Not sure, as I feel you are all getting smarter as this issues progress. I do feel there will be some choices made - and some demons to face. But then again, if Dan didn't want to deal with things...he should have stayed at Sean's and caught some daytime TV with a bag of OREO's ...Nah... Let the games begin ;)
  5. chris
    Come'on now Wessick...he's got two ;)
  6. Sam152
    I like how they have their box for their cleaver specially branded for their gang. Buy the jacket, get the cleaver free.
  7. chris
    I have a feeling the meat tenderiser/gavel has been with this group for sometime - Also, to use such things probably comes with a right of passage. LK seems to be the wielder of such items - makes me think he's earned the right to smash people's hands with meat tenderisers a penalty of non payment. Still not a nice way to get a message across. I miss the days of the flaming BBQ forks or garden claw message sending.