The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    I gotta get me one of those!
  2. Raron
    Yeah.... I never pay more then a buck fifty for a cup of coffee... I also don't buy from places where they think grande means medium. And LS seriously? Asking for something CALLED a kick? In your line of work? No man... just walk away. got to admit.. the place LOOKS so nice and innocent... I don't trust it. I say flamethrower time.It's like bunnies... they look innocent... they they are biting off your head in a spray of blood.
  3. chris
    I agree man - This Kendel Kick better be good for $2.90. What's up with all these price hikes here people. Man just lost everything, and now you want to take him for 3 bucks just for coffee. Oh wait, it's Sean's money. Nevermind, go about your business Danny. Yeah, this better be a good coffee to cup ratio for the price, buddy. He's definitely had enough kicks thus far to last a good couple more issues - but hey one more won't kill'em. It does look very nice. We're definitely not in Karillion anymore Dorothy. Stay on your guard kid, it's quite....too quite. Nothing good ever comes of that. Oh and by the way, stop sulking and you may realize you're sitting next your biggest fan. This should be interesting...
  4. Wessick
    I would say... small world, but something tells me our little newsie has been doing a ton of research. Needless to say, in spite of his rampage not occurring too long ago, our boy was not very subtle. Here is to hoping the impending "casual" conversation does not cause future problems.
  5. chris
    Small world indeed Wessick. It seems to be getting tighter by the issue. I would agree that our little LS (Lydia Scott) has been digging up more on our Scaper than we know. The difference of course between Kira's interaction with Dan and Lydia's would be; Kira knew about the Cage attack which possibly would have put him into the possible vigilante senario. Lydia however, doesn't really know his connection to anything. As long as he plays it cool - he should be fine. Although, I'm sure our little newsie has the ability to pick up on things like a CIA lie detector. Oh Dan, just smile and nod and drink your coffee..and sit in the chair. Perhaps a Kendel Kick will give him some advanced brain activity to allow a non suspicious exit from the ol' Cup of Kendel. Knowing Danny...he shouldn't have left the house.
  6. Karen
    Golden Rule Segment= Reference to "silence is golden" Cover of this issue is a bunch of bikers. Me thinks this town as a biker bully problem that Dan will be forced to deal with.
  7. Wessick
    Another fight is not something Dan needs... especially considering his last fight was against small time gangers. Actual Bikers, that is another story altogether...though not all are bad, a good number are pretty dangerous. But peace is golden, so this small respite is not all bad.
  8. chris
    Indeed Karen. The Golden Rule was a news segment Lydia started doing expressing her own opinions during the channel 5 nightly news - which to be honest, our Miss Kira was not too fond of at the end of issue 3. I feel Lydia is in the search for some new opinions to bestow upon the good people of Karillion city. Knowing her - it won't be a segment putting the Landscaper in a positive light. Ah yes the infamous bikers. They still need to fit into this mix we call The Landscaper Comic in some way. I mean especially if they get cover exposure - just how and why is still unknown. Keep in mind, in this comic we like to keep you guessing a little. Of course, from previous experiences - not everything is as it seems....I'm sure Dan will find out soon enough what's in store - or more what's at stake. After all we've just started. 2nd coffee anyone?
  9. chris
    How true is that Wessick! Dan definitely does not need another fight at this stage - or any stage for that matter. I'm sure He won't get involved as much as he can help it. Whatever there is to get involved into. Of course like Dan said to himself, so fittingly in the first page of issue 1. "We don't really know what the day has in store for us." We still don't really know what this bikey group has in store for our little tale - should be interesting none the less. Very true. Not all bikey folks are bad or even dangerous. Sometimes they're the closest thing to a super hero league as you can get - with nick names and stories (ledgens) Now the question is; Where do they swing in our little pendulum tale? First things first - Get through the morning without being punched in the face. It's a noble goal if you ask me. Besides, Raron gave us till sundown, so plenty of daylight left to be had.
  10. Raron
    Hmmm.... I just realized. His inner rage doesn't seem to be good at creating things. Sure it adapted his spring ammo thing. But didn't make anything new. While LS seems VERY good at making things... it would be... worrying if they band got together. I have a feeling something would happen to people. Suddenly, and violently, and all over the vicinity I would also like to point out as for the bikers I have a feeling they wouldn't be expecting macguyver's vigilante son... no one expects that..
  11. chris
    Ahhhh well spotted Raron. Even when Dan was in a rage - before the whole branding and emergence of the Scaper thing, he was a master of his domain. He was able to not only adapt items, but was able to create what he needed at the time for his current situation. Scaper on the other hand also adapts to what's available around him - but doesn't really see the bigger picture or doesn't seem to go in with any kind of overall plan. Brutality was his agenda on that night, so shoving a bunch of sharp, mutilation tools into the gauntlet was good enough for him. He wanted to send a message, and felt those particular items would speak volumes. Also, he seemed to enjoy fighting in the trenches... face to face - not the security of a distance weapon such as the nail guns. He wanted to look into their eyes has he dealt with them. A little bit like the mighty Pumpkin in that way ;) A bit sadistic if you ask me. Sure he could have just grabbed a machete and handled this hockey face old school horror movie style. But I personally like to think, the creation of the modified gauntlet was more like a "fuck you" to Dan. Showing Dan he really wasn't necessary in the equation of the vigilante arc. Basically, I can do it too without you. Although the gauntlet did serve it's purpose - but also, let's be honest - he got lucky. If he'd missed that flying cigarette by a few miro-seconds he'd be a much more crispy version of himself, and would have to reside for the remainder of the issue half masked, living in a basement of an old Opera theater and training young girls to sing under the name Angel of Music. So a little luck played heavily into his success & Dean's demise.

    The idea of a unity or melding of the two sides is a scary one indeed. However this is the octagon after all - and we can't have that. Agreed, I don't think our little riders are expecting anything of this sort to be in Kendlewood at the moment. Of course, I'm sure Dan wasn't expecting to be sitting this close to Lydia before noon as well, so who knows what the day will bring. - Well I do, but you'll have to wait Hazza!