The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    Hey guys, I wanted to take this opportunity once again to thank all of you for joining us on this weekly ride. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your support of this comic. This wraps up issue #3 Reflections. It's been an epic journey from 2 1/2 years ago when we first began this continuation of the LS story. I have to say, going back and forth with you all on the weekly comment boards and ScaperChat, has definitely been one of the major highlights for me in the progression of this issue. Your great feedback, insight and psychological discussions, have truly brought this story/ these characters to life. I'm very happy with the way this issue has developed. To be honest, I was a bit concerned when starting this issue that it was going to be very difficult to rival issue 2, but I feel "Reflections" sits very well (nailed up) in the LS series. We've got some great ideas brewing for issue 4, so I'll keep you posted on the development & release date for this issue. Even though we've tied up issue#3 - I'd still like to organize a few Scaper events between the creative break. I'm looking to set up Scaper Q&A in the near future, so if you're interested in being a part of it, keep an eye out for that. As you may know, we're exhibiting at a comic convention called SupaNova at the end of June, so hopefully this will help spread the good name of the Scaper to the many. I'm also going to be selling some Scaper merch, which I'll make available on the site after the convention. This issue has been quite a little weekly roller coaster. We've had our ups and downs - twists and turns...and some new revelations to ponder. We've introduced some new friends, and removed a pretty worthy foe (R.I.P.D.) in the process. For all those readers we may have lost along the way, we hope to see you again in the future. We're always here, so come on back for a catch up anytime. Thanks again for all the support guys, you're truly the fire beneath this project. :) See you back real soon. c-
  2. Sam152
    Thanks for an amazing comic Chris and an epic conclusion to issue 3.
  3. Karen
    First panel makes a VERY intruging figure. I can't wait to hear more about him! Probably some mob boss, but still pretty awesome! :D Thanks for all the hard work!
  4. chris
    Sam: Thanks heaps man! It's been my pleasure to bring the weekly LS page to you good people. Great to hear you enjoyed the conclusion of issue 3. Just a few more pieces to the Karillion puzzle. (*and no, North's pinky is not one of those literal pieces.) Seems we've left with each each character on a bit of a hang - but that's an important part of the transition between issues. Once again, we leave as we started. Caleb seems to have more to do with this little arc than we first thought. All things come full circle eventually. This new player seems to be much more than a pawn in this game of ours. Thanks again for all the great feedback over the course of this and previous issues. Check back for issue 4 updates and other LS goodies coming down the pipe. Karen: He's definitely running on a more sophisticated plain than we're used to in fair Karillion. Possibly has more answers than questions for a change.. Again one more piece to the board. Not sure he's quite Casino, but definitely a more advanced player. He seems to know a lot about events...hmmm. Caleb may have just been pulled from the bench - although at this stage, he might be the only one left - so i guess it's not such an honor in the end. Also the choice given to Caleb, didn't seem like much of a choice. So with this, we leave our LS gang for the time being in a state of limbo. We return back to the garage for a little tinkering - soon to return with our shiny new toy. Thanks again for all the great feedback, insight and epic fan art over past few's more appreciated than you know :)
  5. FireFrenzy
    Hey do those green shades come in "suitable for people with corrective glasses" cause if so DOES WANT! So i wonder who the g-man is...
  6. Blazinghate
    Not sure if it is intended, but im loving the chaotic feeling that bleeds through into the art
  7. chris
    FF: I'm sure we could set you up with a pair. After all - sight is the most important thing ;) Answers will come in time. Can't reveal all the cards in the deck. Blazinghate: Welcome to the LS! That's great to hear you're enjoying the comic. I've always said my drawing style is "vector chaos." So it's funny when I saw your statement. I like to evoke an emotion in the art. Not just "hey that looks like a face", but there's something deeper in there somewhere. I'm a big fan of Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The way you look at a self portrait and there's something more hidden beneath the surface. So I do try to create a feeling though the art. It's great to hear that the chaotic vibe is coming through. I feel the comic medium is one of these places you can experiment with this type of thing, as art should be more than just a visual story teller. Thanks again for the great feedback - and hopefully you'll join us for issue 4.
  8. Dioxim
    Upgraded caleb?
  9. chris
    Hey Dioxim, well it's seems someone believes there's still future potential in our branded friend. Who knows, he might not just be your average antagonist after all. I think this guy doesn't just make assessments without a little thought behind them. Thus begins our journey on the road to issue 4. Onward!
  10. Hooplah
    And 'The Landscaper' goes corporate. The suits foretell the corporate meddling.
  11. chris
    Ahh perhaps Hooplah - and we all know a corporate hand involved is never a good thing. However, I have a feeling this goes a little deeper than your usual high level, glass office suit.
  12. damastech
    damn you Hooplah... you beat me to it. I do not think that guy is a mob boss, though the pinky ring and olive/grey skin reek of it... but more of a man who has power beyond retirement, listen to this... you gotta give it some time, but it is worth it.
  13. chris
    I think you've stumbled upon quite a sound track for a good number of LS pages. Also, I think you've made a new fan of their music. As for our new introduction, You might be on the right track there. Not so much mob - but someone with a little more going on than our usual Karillion crew. Issue 4 should cast a little more light on things - but the web crosses over one more strand to our little story.Thanks again for all the support, and feedback throughout the series.
  14. Hooplah
    Where's the update? I've been jonesing for some Landscaper for weeks!
  15. chris
    Hey Hooplah, I'm really sorry about the non update. If you look at my first comment post at the top of this page, it explains that we've been gearing up for a comic convention to exhibit the Landscaper comic for the first time at the end of June. June 25 - 26 is the SupaNova comic expo, which is a pretty exciting event for all involved in the LS. We've been putting all our focus into the preparation of that event, which I will post full details including video after the conclusion of the event weekend. This being the said, once the convention is finished - I will be focusing all my attention back to issue #4 . I'll keep everyone update on the progression and release date of this issue. After each Landscaper issue we have a little hiatus to brainstorm and write the script and concept for the next issue. It was a little unfortunate that SupaNova aligned with the end of this issue and the event it's self. This resulted in me ending this issue, and then working daily to get the event table and LS items prepared. I've posted a few blog posts to explain our progression on the road to the convention, but i understand that not all readers of the LS follow the posts. It may be a good idea to post a new page on the comic to explain our delay, hopefully to quell any fears - and to let everyone know we're still here. Again once the event is done and dusted, the Scaper will rise again with issue#4 The Pendulum. I'll make sure I do a better job keeping everyone up to date. Sorry again for the delay - but we'll be back on track soon enough. Thanks again for your support of the comic, it's much appreciated. c-
  16. Hooplah
    Okay, yeah, DID NOT READ, TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE. I probably deserve the embarrassment. I just looked at the blag as well, sounds exciting! I would totally attend, buuuuuuuuut I don't know where the expo is, nor would I have the resources to attend. I can lend some spiritual support, or something. Good luck at SupaNova!
  17. chris
    Hey Hooplah - embarrassment intended. It was a great wake up call for me. I just assumed readers may read the post, but come to find out there are others out there who wondered why we haven't updated as of late, so thanks - I appreciated the feedback. It was a good move to let everyone know what was going on. The SupaNova event is in Perth Western Australia on 25-26 of June. I wouldn't expect anyone to make the teck to the event, but great to know you're there in spirit. Hopefully we can properly represent the Scaper we all know and fear on the big off screen stage :) Like I said we'll have some updates on the event - hopefully some some footage from the weekend to share with all of you. Thanks again for the support.