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Scaper Fans: Do you have an idea for the 2012 Halloween page?


Scaper Fans: Do you have an idea for the 2012 Halloween page?

By chris on October 10, 2012 11:42

It's that time of year again... but this time it's going to be a little different. Instead of us coming up with an ideas for the 2012 Scapereen one-off - this year, we want to see how creative you can be. Starting today, we'll be taking requests from the fans of what they'd like to see as the Halloween page depicting our firendly cast of characters. Get them in early if you want to see your concept come to life. Reply to this post with suggestions. The winning idea will be illustrated and posted with your avatar on All-Hallows-Eve for all to see. Be creative!


  1. chris
    PUMPKIN JACK! - am I allowed to vote?
  2. Grovers
    id say something bunny related but sounds to Easter for Halloween. unless some utterly ridiculous holiday conspiracy theory's, get the actual pumpkin jack bowing to an overmind bunny in the background of that library, and in front of it all just get a angry partialy beaten tyler reaching for the viewers. hmm that coffee shop would go nicely to the side with some bikers in it... why did you ask for suggestions?