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Putting the pieces together


Putting the pieces together

By chris on June 23, 2009 13:10

So, now that we have his outfit and his motives somewhat structured, we now needed a basic character profile. Who was the Landscaper? We didn't have a name, an occupation, and cast of characters just yet. In a way, this is the fun part of creating a story, you have free range to do pretty much anything you want. It's also the hardest part of creating a story, as you don't really have anything solid to work with yet. Again, I tried to look around me. I tried to look at things in my life that I could pull from to help develop this character. I remember doing very rough sketches of this LS walking up and down the aisles of a hardware store, removing items from the shelves, but this just didn't feel right. I decided in the end to make him a more hands on person, a welder/engineer. My wife, as well as running the drama school, also works at her parents factory. They build farming equipment. It's a family run business, so everyone barring myself works at this factory. This was the main influence for Cage Engineering.  They manufacture and sell farming augers. They roll large sheets of metal into a barrel which then has a spiral drill, a.k.a (flighting)  inserted into the center. It always intrigued me when I went down there at how they made these things from just random sheets of steel. I would watch them weld the tubes, rig up the massive motors to the frames and before you knew it - you would have this monster piece of equipment. It then hit me, this was who I wanted the Landscaper to be. The main thing about the Landscaper was that I wanted him to be a normal guy. He didn't have a lot of money,  was a hard worker but spent a lot of time by himself.  He liked to watch DVD's on the weekend and play video games, and have a few drinks with his friend Brian, who I will talk more about in the future. He was pretty content in his simple life, and really wasn't looking for anything more. Making him a welder -or - a person who could make things from simple items you would find in your shed or hardware store, gave me new breath in terms of what was capable with this character. I like to think of him as the MAcGyver of the vigilantes. I always saw the image in my head of this character sliding open his work shed door, covered in blood, and in a rage begins making things on his work bench. In the dark their would be fire sparks from the welding torch which would reflect off his welding helmet. He would rip off his sweat shirt, tear the lid off a white paint can, and replicate his symbol on his hoodie with his painted hands. It was as if his mind was on auto-pilot, and he was running purely on rage.