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Missed our 4 year Anniversary. LS 2008 -2012


Missed our 4 year Anniversary. LS 2008 -2012

By chris on August 15, 2012 10:02

Four years ago Aug 13th, 2008 the LS comic was officially launched with a modest 13 page origin story. Daniel Carpenter, an average welder and engineer, was forced by the hands of a youth gang to make a choice. After the attack which hospitalized his only friend, Dan sought out to avenge the senseless brutality bestowed upon his friend, with his own form of senseless violent brutality in the shape of The Landscaper. The result - Dan started a wave both mentally and emotionally which has only gained speed and strength over a 4 issue series, challenging our own perception of  both a fictitious and all too real world. It's been an awesome experience for us to bring the LS story to your screen. Here's to another 4 more years of the exploration of a vigilante and the cycle which follows. Thanks again for all your support, comments, and being a part of this world. You have made this comic so much more than when it began 4 years ago with a "Cold Plate". With Fire! Chris-


  1. chris
    Where's the cake!!?
  2. wessick
    Well... The cake is a lie! Good four years though Chris. I only jumped in a couple years ago... but one hell of a ride.
  3. chris
    Thanks man. It's been a great ride indeed - and great to have you along. You've always opened up some great discussions, which get me thinking. That's a task all on it's own. Thanks! Here's to another 4 - hopefully!